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Anbu Itachi Action Figure - 13cm

Anbu Itachi Action Figure - 13cm

Size: 13cm

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Unleash the power of the shadows with the Anbu Itachi Action Figure. Standing at a mighty 13cm tall, this collectible artwork captures the essence of the enigmatic Itachi Uchiha in stunning detail.

From the intricately designed Anbu uniform to the menacing Sharingan eyes, every feature of this action figure has been meticulously crafted to honor the legendary Itachi. With multiple points of articulation, you can pose him in dynamic battle stances or recreate iconic moments from the anime series.

Perfect for both avid collectors and anime enthusiasts, this Anbu Itachi Action Figure is a must-have addition to any Naruto collection. Its compact size makes it easy to display on your desk, shelf, or anywhere you desire, reminding you of the strength and determination Itachi embodies.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Naruto with this remarkable Anbu Itachi Action Figure - a true testament to the enduring legacy of the Uchiha clan.

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